Uppsala University

Uppsala University


Uppsala University
Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology
Rudbeck Laboratory
75185 Uppsala

Participant's Lead

Prof Ulf Landegren

Prof Ulf Landegren
Phone +46 (70) 8962604; +46 18 4714910
Fax +46 18 18 4714808

Project Staff

Erik Ulleras

Associate Professor Erik Ullerås
Project coordination and administration

Lucy Mathot

Ms Lucy Mathot
PhD student

Ola Söderberg

Associate Professor Ola Söderberg
Responsible for Proximity Ligation Assay in situ

Masood Kamali-Moghaddam

Dr Masood Kamali-Moghaddam
Responsible for Proximity Ligation Assay in solution

Institute Presentation

Uppsala University is a leading comprehensive research university in Sweden, founded 1477 and oldest in northern Europe having a strong tradition for development of technologies for biological analyses.

The department of immunology, genetics and pathology has a broad research profile, with several strong research groups in different fields of science, e.g. medical and clinical genetics, development of tools for molecular analysis, bioinformatics, immunology, pathology, tumor biology, and vascular biology. The department was founded to promote closer collaboration between clinical and pre-clinical research and part of the activity is integrated with the clinics of immunology, genetics, and pathology-cytology at the University Hospital, Uppsala.

The Molecular Medicine research group, lead by Professor Ulf Landegren, develops molecular tools for high-precision analysis of genes and proteins. Professor Landegren and his coworkers have pioneered important molecular techniques, including Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay, Padlock probes, Selector probes and Proximity Ligation Assay. Professor Landegren has served on SABs of several biotech companies. He is visiting senior scientist at the RIKEN Inst, Yokohama, Japan and member of EMBO and the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

The Molecular Diagnostic group, headed by Professor Mats Nilsson develops PLP and selector probe assays and Amplified Single Molecule Detection. Professor Nilsson is an experienced developer of molecular genetics techniques with strong experience in large scale collaborative projects. Landegren, Nilsson and their coworkers have co-founded five biotech companies, including ParAllele, acquired by Affymetrix in 2005, Olink Bioscience, Halo Genomics and Q-linea.

Professor Landegren and Nilsson coordinate or participate in several large national and international research programs in proteomics, genomics, cancer diagnostics, infection diagnostics and biobanking.