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Janssen Pharmaceutica
Turnhoutseweg 30
B-2340 Beerse

Participant's Lead

Anthony Rowe


Company Presentation

Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals are organized into 5 Therapeutic Areas, one of which is Oncology. Small molecule oncology projects are located in Beerse, Belgium. Large molecules in Radnor, PA. Our portfolio consists of several small molecules and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in phase I to Phase III development as well as several marketed assets (Velcade, Yondelis, Doxil etc.).

The biomarker group has accumulated experience in ex vivo pharmacology over the past two years. In collaboration with universities and academic groups we have established >100 xenografts from primary tumors (colorectal cancer with matching liver metastases and others) as well as pharmacology and molecular profiling data. In addition we have access to a state of the art molecular profiling facility (Affymetrix Gene Titan, Illumina Genome Analyzer II, Luminex Bead Station, 545 Sequencer and multiple RT PCR machines). There is also strong expertise in 3D tumor cell culture and growth assays.

The informatics group has experience in data integration and knowledge management recently recognized by the BioIT World award and expertise in integrative analysis of ‘omics‘ data including mRNA and miRNA expression, proteomics, and other modalities.