Eli Lilly


Eli Lilly
Lilly House Priestley Road
Hampshire RG24 9NL

Participant's Lead

Dr Christoph Reinhard
Senior Director - Translational Science Oncology




Project Staff

Dr Birgit Steckel-Hamann
Manager IMI Operations



Karsten Boehnke

Dr Karsten Boehnke
Research Scientist
Quantitative Biology


Company Presentation

Eli Lilly is a global pharmaceutical business with oncology as one of 4 major therapy areas. Eli Lilly and Imclone, belong to big pharmacy, blockbuster drugs in oncology like Gemzar and Alimta, new compounds of a long pipeline list in development (FHD; ph1-ph3; biomarker companion programs included). Lilly Europe is a EFPIA member. The biomarker development includes lung, breast, ovarian, CRC cancer and brain tumours (glioblastomas). Worldwide Lilly owns research facilities (Indianapolis, Singapore) and has multi cooperation partners in biomarker development (different countries).

Lilly’s oncology pipeline has a strong emphasis on patient stratification using molecular and conventional biomarkers. Lilly has experience in several pre-competive genetics/genomics projects (ACRG, GIS…) which provides experience in the acquisition, handling and analysis of large scale genome data sets.